I am going to change the release schedule. I have been thinking about how much work goes into the articles and how much work school is going to be for me. I am changing “In Defense Of” from Weekly to Bi-monthly, or Two times a month. This would extend the content and allow more time to perfect it.

Other In Defense news, I will be doing a special double “In Defense Of” week. This wasn’t planned at all, but given recent developments in the Comic Book world I feel that I must write up this article. If you don’t know what has happened I will explain. Disney Corporation bought Marvel Entertainment. This has sent shock waves through the comic community and an outpouring of “nerd rage”. So I feel I should defend this deal. It will be in the In Defense format, and it will reflect my true opinion on the situation. I will already tell you I am for it. Expect the reasons why tomorrow. Besides, wouldn’t you want a Darkwing Duck comic? I know I do.