First off, there will be a new “In Defense Of” this Monday, the 31st. The defendant is Jean Grey, and I will be defending her on count of being a Mary Sue. So be sure to check the site out Monday for the new article. Also, I have updated the release schedule for “In Defense of”. To see the schedule check out the In Defense Of page:

In other news,
Pull List previews are going to be canceled or at least given a special day of the week. Instead, I will be posting “In Defense Of” in its place. If you want to know what comics I will be reviewing, I will include the list on the Thursday news update.  I just feel the list is pointless, and it has been receiving low views. So it is now canceled to make room for “In Defense Of”, which is receiving high views.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the site Monday for In Defense of Jean Grey.