It has been a really crazy week for us at CBO Productions. In Defense of Superboy Prime has increased our traffic, we were named Awesome Blog of the week over at tgwtg, and we grew by the addition of our new content editor. Well, we have another thing to add. Last night around 10 pm est, In Defense of Superboy Prime was named Best of Blogs over at

This, of course i,s a big deal as it means the article is now on the front page of the site. Go ahead and look if you haven’t already. The site averages over 1000 people online at once, and most of the site know about Superboy Prime from Linkara’s countdown videos (you can watch them over at this link ). This will probably translate to increased traffic on the site, which is great. I am not sure what the criteria are for best of blogs, but apparently In Defense of Superboy Prime met them. The funny thing about the article is that I wrote it and didn’t feel it was strong enough to garner any attention. I even questioned posting it. I had no direction till the last minute, and I cranked it out in the timespan of a couple hours. Amazing how that works. Well, if you are visiting from expect more “In Defense” in the coming weeks.

In other news, the pull list has changed, yet again. Third week in a row where it has changed. Oh well no use in crying over missing books. Here are the changes to the pull list for this week.

Missing from the pull list is:
Flash Rebirth #4- figures the series I have been waiting for would get damage.  It wasn’t the only title destroyed this week but still sucks.

In addition to the Pull List:
Booster Gold #23- Was going to buy it when it came out, but the store sold out before I could. I back ordered a copy, and it came in this week. I think I almost have all my back orders in finally.
Dark X-men Beginning #3- I forgot to add it to the pull list previews. This book is the last of the series and from thumbing through it, I am kinda excited. Will probably receive the greatest disappointment of the week from it though. Not sure just yet.

I also changed the site’s theme and header last night. Tell me what you think.

Well, that is does it for today. Join me tomorrow when I will review the new comics. Just a reminder it will be a text review.