Some minor changes to the pull list this week. If any of you buy comics weekly then you know the perils of Diamond Distribution. Some weeks you don’t get the book and some weeks you get too many. Just how it is. So this week I didn’t get one of my titles and that is Blackest Night: Superman #1. I am certain I will get it next week. The store apparently didn’t order many copies and I foolishly forgot to email my comic book guy my pull list this week. I should get him to view this website more. Oh well, what can you do?

I did get the two missing books from last week, though. That is right, I will be reviewing X-men Forever #5 & Adventure Comics #1 this week. Also in addition to those I will be reviewing my G-man: Cape Crisis #1. This will be my first non Marvel-DC book I will be reviewing here on CBO Productions. Also it will be my first All Ages Book. Overall, New Comic Book Review will cover 7 titles this week and should be enjoyable. Check out the site tomorrow when the video will be posted.

Now in other news, “In Defense Of” is a hit. This was expected, somewhat. “In Defense of Aquaman” was a decent hit and reception was well. “In Defense of Superboy Prime” shattered my expected receptions. It has received much attention at and is getting a lot of praise (at least more than I am used to). I am going to move around the weekly schedule here soon because “In Defense of” will  be getting it’s own day of the week and the other reviews and articles will be moved to another day of the week. More information to come. I just wasn’t expecting such a big response to the 2nd article of the series and I have to carefully plan my reviews for school and such. I am thinking of making it a Saturday article or something like that. Again, more information will be provided in due time.

Also, next week will be the first non-superhero comic book review and starting in October expect more non-superhero comics in New Comic Review. I talked to my comic book guy and placed an order for several non-superhero books (or at least non-traditional). They are expected to ship in October. This should please my readers who want to see some comics outside of the mainstream, or at least not the superhero books. Expect them in October.

That is all for today. Be sure to check out the site tomorrow for a brand new episode of New Comic Review. Thanks for reading.