This seems to become a regular feature here at CBO. I do however feel the need to keep everyone in the loop about things to come.

First order of business is that I have finally got my Sega Genesis working. This means expect some text reviews  to start being released every other Wednesday. The text reviews will be concerning the slew of X-men and Spider-man games that was available for the Genesis, as well as some other comic book games. TMNT games come to mind but there is more out there. If you are wondering why text reviews? Simple answer is that, like my DVD reviews, I can’t capture good quality video of the games. So instead of making everyone suffer the horrors of bad captures, I will be reviewing the game in a text style. Expect the first review in a few weeks. I still have to beat them, and they aren’t easy.

Next on the docket is that I am looking to broaden my review scope. I am not wanting to just stick to Superhero comics.  I want to diversify and review other genres of comics. These include sci-fi, horror, thriller, monster, and non-superhero. I also want to start reading non-traditional Superhero stuff. So if you have any suggestions please comment below or send them to

I will also start trying to review at least 1 non-super book a week during new comic review. This will take some time for me to do, though. I have to special order them through my comic shop and this might take some time. I never really had to special order so I am really unsure about a time frame. I will update the time frame come Thursday when I talk to my comic guy. So until then every other Wednesday I will have a review of a Non-super graphic novel. More information to come concerning the release date in coming weeks.
If you have suggestions for a monthly Non-super book I should buy and review, comment below or send them to the email provided.

Next order of business is that I almost had DNS failure yesterday. I caught the problem but this reminds me that I need to be aware that I could have a total computer meltdown at any moment. If that ever happens I have this as a back-up plan.

1. All video series will become text based. I know this seems like a downer but I can easily do a text review with my main PC.

2. The Updates might become irregular. I am not certain but I might have to change the updates schedule should a total system failure occurs

3. Follow my twitter account. This is the best way to know what is happening when things meltdown. The account is

That does it for the Emergency Protocols. I hope I never have to use them.

Alright to finish the news update: In Defense of Superboy Prime is going to go live tomorrow (hopefully by Midnight). So be sure to check out the site for that.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day.