Hello everyone. It is that time of the week where I present to you my Pull List. This week is back to my usual 6 titles a week versus last week’s massive 13. Now I am only going to review five of them as the 6th title is Wednesday Comics and I am going to review the complete series when it is finished in a few more weeks. So without further adieu here is this week’s pull list.

Like always we start with DC comics and to kick it off we have

Batgirl #1

Who is Batgirl?

Who is Batgirl?

Okay I am going admit I didn’t read about Cain’s death in, what I believe, was her mini-series. So I am going to go into this blind. We are led to believe that this is a different Batgirl and most likely it is. We don’t know anything about this series other then this is a new character donning the Cape and Cowl of Batgirl. I am curious to read this series and will be looking forward to see how it does this “mysterious identity” angle they are promoting the first issue with. I can only hope it is not going to be botched like Red Hulk. -Reads the solicits for issues 2 and 3- Oh okay so they are going to reveal her identity to the readers but not to the cast of characters. I can dig it.

Moving on now we get to

Blackest Night: Superman #1

Zombie superman vs Zombie Sentry arguments begin in 3, 2...

Zombie superman vs Zombie Sentry arguments begin in 3, 2...

This week we get another mini-series that ties in to the a major summer event, and like every single min-series tie in that ever existed this one is going to be pointless. This is the truth about such things. I have never read a mini-series that actually mattered in the greater scheme of things. Still, if the story is great they are often worth the buy. If last week’s Blackest Night Batman shown us anything that these stories can be pretty good. -Checks the credits- Oh James Robinson. I hope this is better than Cry for Justice (which is getting better mind you, but still not great). I don’t have high expectations for this mini-series based just on the fact it will be pointless.

Oh yeah that is Earth 2 superman not Kingdom Come Superman.

That will do it for DC and its time for Marvel. Starting us off is:

The Amazing Spider-man #603

Not the real cover, just a variant.

Not the real cover, just a variant.

Let me start off by saying this: Why is it so hard to find the cover to a comic?! This makes the third time I had to improvise the cover for the pull list. I search for a while and can’t find a version of the cover that I can use. Just annoying especially when Marvel does preview images of the covers in the comics themselves half the time.

Now for the comic preview. I am really digging this story right now. Everything is clicking and it seems the MJ is probably the reason why its clicking so well. Last week had a revel that was pretty–amazing. I am eagerly awaiting the next issue. I often read Amazing last as it makes the build-up greater, and it usually gets any bad after taste out of my mouth.

Next up is:

Mighty Avengers #28

Featuring the Young Avengers

I have been enjoying Mighty Avengers since the Baxter Job arc. I heard that the first story arc was not that good but I missed out on it (probably buy it when I get the chance). So the Baxter Job and the subsequent arc has been really good. To me this feels more like an avengers story. Maybe its due to its line up but who knows. Just something about it that makes it feel fun. Maybe its that Dan Slott is plotting it and Yost is doing the script. Again, who knows. I just know I  can’t wait to read it.

Finishing up this week’s Pull List is:

X-men: Legacy #227

Generic Fighting Pose #55

Generic Fighting Pose #55

I am going to start this with the cover itself. It looks bland. Nothing other then the two fighting. It is kinda cool to see Ares vs the god charged Rogue, but all of the Utopia covers–even the bad Dark X-men Beginnings mini-series–has had great covers. This is a major downer for me. Now the comic itself was pretty good last month. It was the first time I picked up the series since Sins of the Father arc last summer. I liked how the tie in fit into the story but wasn’t essential to the main event. Should be a good comic with a great fight scene or two.

Well that does it for the Pull List. I might get two extra comics (Adventure Comics and X-men Forever) but that depends on if they come in this week. Be sure to check out the site Wednesday when the new “In Defense of” premiers. This week the defense is going to do the impossible: defend Superboy Prime. Should be interesting. Also be sure to check the site Friday when I review the newest comics of the week (aka this list).

If you have any comments or suggestions leave them below or send them to: comicbookoverkill@gmail.com