This week is a really big week for me at CBO. Besides celebrating my birthday (which I share with Marvel comics and Jim Lee) I got around 11 titles. Truth is I bought more and some that didn’t come in. I am going to put this out front, I am waiting to Review Wednesday Comics for a bit. Not sure how to do so. I also had to do some college work which made this review stressed for time. I still got it down, though I had to miss out on Rifftrax live. Anything for my readers though.

So other then that mess here is the review, presented in Two Parts due to length.
Part One:
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Part Two:
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For your ease here is what each video covers:

Part One:
Ultimate Comics: Spider-man #1
Ultimate Comics: Avengers #1
Green Lantern Corps #39
Blackest Night #2
Blackest Night: Batman #1
Batman #689

Part Two:
Uncanny X-men #514
Uncanny X-men: First Class #2
The Amazing Spider-man #602
The Marvels Project #1
The Incredible Hercules #132

Thanks for watching guys. Like I said in the video, if you have any questions or comments post them below or send them to I am very prompt with emails usually.