Another day and another update.

Well I guess I will start with the Next In defense of will be about Superboy Prime. I plan to have that ready for next Wednesday’s update.

Also starting with New Comic Book Review this week, I will have my updates go live at Midnight EST. This way everyone knows when the next post is going up

In keeping with New Comic Book Review I am sad to say that I wont be reviewing Adventure Comics #1 or X-men Forever #5. Not sure what happened but all I know is they didn’t come in. I am also not sure when I will get either book, but most likely wont be for another 2 weeks. I will review them in that week’s New Comic Review. Just can’t tell you when they will be reviewed. Also I forgot about a title that came in this week:

Marvels Project #1:



I didn’t know this book was coming in. Must of overlooked the Diamond release sheet. Oh well. I am curious about this book especially after reading the preview. Should be great.

Well that is it for the news and updates for now. Expect New Comic Book Review to be live at midnight tonight. Thanks for reading.