Hello everyone. Today I am going to take a break from the comic reviews and speak to you about something slightly more personal. Don’t go away. It is still about comics, but instead of reviewing a single comic or TV show, I am going to do something else. I am going to tell you why I have such an obsession with the funny books.

The reason this blog is being posted today is for many different reasons. One being I have a ton of class work this week and couldn’t review a comic. The other being I just celebrated my 19th birthday yesterday. I am not one to look back on my life, as I prefer to look to the future, but yesterday I reflected on my life. Seemed fitting at the time. Well I started to wonder why do I am I into comics in such a degree that I am today. Well I mentioned in an earlier review that the Justice League TV series got me into comics. That was a lie. I was into comics in the late 90’s. Heroes Reborn was going on and I actually remember reading a lot of the Avengers and Iron Man comics of the time. My very first comic was this:

I actually had to hunt down this comic recently. I loved it as much as I did then.

I actually had to hunt down this comic recently. I loved it as much as I did then.

That is right, the first issue of Blue Superman. To most people it would anger them and burn the book. Yet, I loved it. I don’t know why. Maybe because my obsession actually begins before I got my first comic.

I was a child of the 90’s and like every child of a decade, I had my iconic cartoons. The 80’s had Transformers and GI Joe; the 90’s had Batman, X-men, and Spider-man. I grew up watching these cartoons and loved every minute of them. My Dad was a child of the 80’s (actually 70’s/80’s) and was a fan of such shows as Transformers and Battle of the Super Friends.

See my father is a nerd at heart but due to financial constraints when he was young, he never got to experience comics. Shame because he would have been around for Crisis on Infinite Earths and Secret Wars.  Well my dad’s love for superheroes and all things geeky carried over to when I was born. My Dad was already watching these shows before I could even walk. See I wasn’t raised in front of a TV like most kids my age. I was raised with my dad spending time with me watching TV, reading books, and playing X-men. My earliest memories are watching shows like Batman and X-men with him.

Now I have come of age. I have grown wiser and more mature with time. I now see what I shared with my dad. I didn’t see why he wanted to see all these superhero movies with me or watch the cartoons until now. He is trying to capture the memories of when I was young and in the same way; I watch them with him because I cherish those memories.

I guess you can say I only like comics because they are all I know given what I was raised with. I like to think otherwise. I want to think that I am into comics because of the memories with my father. I was raised with a supportive father. Despite my mother’s concern for my comic buying habit, my father was always there supporting me. He even reads some comics with me. I may have to explain some things for him, but I love spending time with him just reading comics-even if it is just the Sunday funnies. I can only hope when I have kids I can be like him. I want to share this same experience with my kids, if I do have them.

There are actually several reasons why I love comics, but this is really just the basis of this obsession. Today all I presented was just one: My dad. My dad is a major piece into the greater puzzle that is my undying flame for comics. He influenced me young and in a way I read comics for nostalgia. We will learn in the next few parts of this series that is not always the case.

Thanks for reading. Join me Friday when I review the newest comics of the week. Also tomorrow I will have a special post concerning when the next “In Defense of” is going to be posted and who is the client. Again thanks for reading and good day.