Nothing major but I am making it official, CBO Productions is now updating 3 days a week. That’s right folks, starting this week all the updates are going to fall on these three days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Actually here is what to expect on those days.

Monday: Pull List. I am actually going to make these more entertaining and do a sort of review before I even read the comics.

Wednesday: Various reviews will be posted here, from In Defense of, to actual Adjectiveless review videos. Which ever I have done. I will try to make it rotate and not the same series two weeks in a row.

Fridays: New Comic Book Reviews. This is the day were I will review all the major comics this week. Actually I will try to do some non-mainstream titles in the future. Still expect Fridays to be New Comic Book day here at CBO Productions.

Still keep up with my twitter as I might update outside of these days. Like breaking news and weekends might have video vlogs on new comic book movies when more are released. So I hope you will enjoy the set schedule of updates.