This is a big week. If this week was a comic it would be called a double sized issue. I am throwing the 20 dollar budget to the wind this week  as 1) Its my birthday this week, 2) There is a lot of titles coming out that I read, and 3) I am a reviewer and I try to review all the major events and just so happens 3 of them hit this week. Should be a fun episode. So enough chitchat and one with the previews.

We will start with DC comics.

Adventure Comics #1

Superman, Superboy, and Luthor. I smell sitcom.

Superman, Superboy, and Luthor. I smell sitcom.

Alright I like to read Issue 1 of most comic series as it is fun to see how they present themselves for the general audience. They are to function as “jumping on” point for new readers, yet new enough for the fans. It is a balance few achieve and I love reading them to see how they do it. Now this is written by Geoff Johns. Johns is one of the writers I love  to read no matter how bad the idea behind the comic is. This comic looks to be fun. The 5 page preview I read in Detective Comics was pretty good and gave me an idea what to expect. I am not expecting much but I am expecting Johns to explain somewhat how Superboy returned to life after Johns killed him off in Infinite Crisis. I know it happened in Final Crisis Legion of three worlds but really not many people read it I don’t think. The book was delayed and released after Final Crisis wrapped up. I wont go into that much but I have high hopes for Adventure #1. I pray it doesn’t disappoint.

Moving on,

Batman #689

No funny capton. It just looks amazing.

No funny caption. It just looks amazing.

Not much to say about this one. I am loving the current run on Batman and I expect this to be good. I am really digging Dick Grayson as Batman. I love it when the sidekick’s take the mantle of their idol, much like Wally and Bucky. I can go into this for a while but I wont. Can’t wait to read this issue.


Blackest Night #2

Make this a poster Stat!

Make this a poster Stat!

Okay to explain the caption, there is no good Green Lantern poster. This would make for an awesome poster and even a t-shirt. DC brand this cover fast! Oh yeah, the comic. I loved the first comic and is on my top 5 comics of July. The only one to beat it was Amazing Spider-man #600. Green Lantern #44 makes me want to read this comic even more.

Keeping with Blackest Night:

Blackest Night Batman #1



I have no idea what to expect for this comic. It has Deadman as Black Lantern grabing at Dick Grayson’s heart. Very nice cover but will this be a pointless Blackest Night Tie-in? Probably. Will it be good? Not sure yet. I am getting this for crictic purposes and not just my own whimsy like I normally do. I would like for it to be good, but chances are it will be bland.

Blackest Night extravaganza will finish with

Green Lantern Corps #39

I guess she is a Living Dead Girl *smack* Well it is asking for it.

I guess she is a Living Dead Girl *smack* Well it is asking for it.

There is a lot of Dead Lanterns, A LOT. So Blackest Night will hit them hard and we are promised a whole planet to return to life. This will be epic and amazing. I expect this to be essential to the Blackest Night story line much like how GL #44 was. Can’t wait.

That does it for DC time to go to the other company, Marvel.

Starting us off is

The Amazing Spider-man #602

Why hello there, Ms. Watson.

Why hello there, Ms. Watson.

Amazing Spider-man is rocking my socks off these past few weeks and I am really eager to read this. The title has been making my pick of the week two weeks in a row, will it’s streak continue? We will find out. Now lasts week reveal makes things more interesting and is going to make this comic…Amazing.

Moving on,

Incredible Hercules #132

By Zeuss Beard!

By Zeus's Beard!

The cover alone is enough for me to pick it up, but apparently Herc fills in for Thor. Also we get Amadeus Cho’s back story. This will be the first Herc issue I have picked up in two years. Should be interesting.

Now time for the Ultimate Comics!

Ultimate Comics: Avengers #1

We are the Avengers, all four of us.

The Ultimate universe is given a much needed reboot and this is one of the few launch titles. I never read much of the Ultimate universe as they were oddly the hardest to get into, which defeats the point. So I hope this is good as Marvel gave reigns to the reboot to Jeph Loeb who is crazy now. UC Avengers promises to be at least interesting.

Next we have,

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1

Note not the real cover

Note: not the real cover

This is basically the cover without the holofoil background. Now this is the only title to survive the Ultimatum reboot. Just got retitled and renumbered. Bendis is behind the wheel here which should bring some joy to me. This wll bring the total of number 1’s to a staggering 4 titles.

Now let’s go into the X-men Universe-

Uncanny X-men First Class #2

Ah good ol Claremont era X-men.

Ah good ol' Claremont era X-men.

I love the early Claremont era of the X-men and this series is smack dab in the middle of it. I can actually name the time frame it takes place. Uncanny X-men #109-#111. Yeah I am that much of a geek, and I had my handy Essiential X-men Vol. 1 in hand. Great series and this part of the story is mixing Fantastic Four Lore with X-men. Great stuff.

Next we have

Uncanny X-men #514

Why is the Dark X-men on the cover?

Why is the Dark X-men on the cover?

Okay despite some minor complaints about Utopia, this is a good X-men Story line. Not the best but damn close.  I even admit The Dark X-men is growing on me despite a horrible mini-series. Actually there is news the team is going to continue after the even with Dark Beast and Mimic (the best characters by the way). I am curious on how this is gong to end and each issue reveals a little bit each time. I love Fraction so I am a little eager to read this title.

Now to finish up the pull list is

X-men Forever #5

Not the real cover. Just a great imitation.

Not the real cover. Just an incredible simulation.

Seriously this is almost like the actual cover. Now why isn’t the cover here? Simple answer is that since the title ships twice a month, the solicits are only with one cover. So finding an online version I can use is next to impossible. I am lucky I found this piece. It must be a variant cover. This comic series sucks and I am hoping this issue steps it up. Two bad issues in a row makes me want to drop the title. Its a great idea but I can rant on this comic for about an hour. I hated the last issue and this one doesn’t look better. Though it looks like Pete Wisdom is there or Daredevil. Can’t really tell.

Alright that does it for this week’s pull list. Expect the newest episode of New Comic Review to air Friday. I will review all 12 titles. This makes for the biggest episode of New Comic Review yet. So join me Friday for new comic reviews and check the site out during the week for updates. Some In defense of news is coming down the pipes this week. So check out the site for that.

Thanks for reading.