Foreword: Welcome everyone to what I hope is going to be a new series of blogs/text reviews. “In defense of:” is basically where I defend often hated or ridiculed characters in the best way possible. The setting is usually going to be a courtroom case. It is written from the perspective of a defense attorney.

Today Orin, alias Aquaman and Arthur Curry,  is being brought up on charages of being lame.

Art credit goes to Alex Ross.

Art credit goes to Alex Ross.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I am here today to prove my client, Orin, is not indeed “Lame” but instead a person that should be treated in the highest respect and placed along with such heroes as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in the pantheon of greatness.  For too long my client has been ridiculed and been made a punch line by the very people he saves. So here is why Aquaman is not just another pair of tights, but instead a hero to one and all.

Exhibt #1: His Powers

Exhibt #1

Exhibt #1

The powers my client possesses are generally unknown to the public. Sure we all know of his ability to breath underwater and talk to fish, but how many know that he can leap four stories? How about the fact he can hold at least 6 tons if not more? What about telepathy which allows him to mentally talk to other humans and has been comparaed to one “Martian Manhunter”? Also, how many people know that my client has the ability to use Magick and possesses a hand that is magical in nature that grants him the ability to see into the future, among other things? Or that he is resistant to bullets and sharp objects.

The issue is that not many people know about the powers my client possesses. My client has been misrepresented in certain television series such as Superfriends. The truth is that my client is more than capable to function as a super hero and even has more abilities than the average hero. Even more than the “Sub Mariner”. Yet, he is still considered to be a weak excuse for a hero. I ask you, people of the jury, to reconsider your thoughts on Aquaman.

Exhibit #2: His Stories

Aquaman: Time and Tide by Peter David
Aquaman: Time and Tide by Peter David

Aquaman, like many heroes, is mythical by nature. Aquaman’s main city and kingdom are that of Greek Mythology, and he has fought Greek gods and goddesses.  My client has also been known to interact with members of European mythology such as The Lady of the Lake. Aquaman has fought wars and treasonous usurpers during his career.  His main villain, “Black Manta”, has threatened my client’s kingdom on countless times, and my client prevailed each time. My client has also fought off several Alien Invasions that threatened his cities.  These adventures are not even taking into consideration the time spent with various forms of the Justice League.

My client has been to edge of the universe and back. He has fought Aliens and sea monsters, as well as Gods. His stories are mythic in scope and should be heard and read. He is not just a fish man but a man entrenched in mythology.

Exhibit #3: His Bravery

You dont mess with Aquman.

You don't mess with Aquaman.

This is the best example of Aquaman’s bravery and power. The man single-handedly took on an Imperiex Probe. These same probes were wiping the floor with the JLA, and Aquaman put on his armor and charged the probe by himself.  He also defeated the probe by himself. This feat has only been done by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hippolyta. He then survived the blast from the probe, only to have his whole kingdom transported to the past.  Wonder Woman was in ICU from the blast, and Hippolyta died. You have to be either brave or stupid to do this, and my money is on he wasn’t stupid.

In conclusion my client is not deserving of jokes made about him. He has actual powers outside of talking to fish, his stories are mythical and grand, and he is brave even in the face of more powerful enemies. This man deserves more respect than he is given and should be considered one of the top heroes in the world.

The defense rests.