A light week with only Three titles.  So here is what to expect come Friday when the newest edition of New Comic reviews hit.

Only one DC title this week and that is:

Justice League: Cry for Justice #2

Dont judge a book by its cover despite how awesome it is.

How can a cover this awesome be on such a bad book.

If you are unaware Justice League: Cry For Justice is a miniseries in which the heroes go looking for justice. Problem is the first issue was horrendously bad. Even with such astonishing painted art the book is just bad. The first issue lack any hint of a plot, cohesion, or the simplest forms of storytelling. Only thing we know is that they “WANT JUSTICE!” and that really is it. Let’s hope issue #2 picks it up as this book’s team will be the official JLA team after the series wraps.
Marvel’s titles are next

We’ll start with Captain America Reborn #2:

Hitler in a headlock, nuff said.

Hitler in a headlock, 'nuff said.

Good ol’ Steve Rogers is coming back from the dead but he must escape temporal limbo first. What does Red Skull want with him? My money is to take his body. That is almost always the motivation. The first issue was pretty good. Let’s see if Issue #2 brings the goods. You can’t have Hitler in a headlock on the cover without doing something awesome.

Now to finish up the Pull List we got:

Amazing Spider-man #600

Oh poor MJ...my God look at that rack.

Oh poor MJ...my God look at that rack.

Amazing Spider-man 601, the return of MJ! After being faked out by Marvel once before *cough*Jackpot*cough* Marvel is finally bringing Mary Jane Watson back to Spider-man. How does she fit into this Mephisto’d universe? Will Pete remember her? Does she know Pete’s secret still? What does this cover mean?

Those were the questions I had when I say this in the preview books. I want to read this book and I am hoping not to be let down. Also the book will feature a back-up by Bendis about Spider-woman (if his twitter feed is correct).

That does it for today. Join me Friday when I review these titles.