I have a deep love for the Planet Hulk storyline. It is the best Hulk series in a long time and set really high expectations for the Hulk books. Which is why Jeff Loeb’s Hulk and Pak’s World War Hulk is and was, respectively, a disapointment. Planet Hulk gave Hulk a deeper character and moved him past “HULK SMASH” and to the character actually having real dialogue. I have a place in my heart for simple Hulk smash comics but I love Planet Hulk for its depth. Now it has been announced that Marvel is steping up its animated division and releasing a Planet Hulk animated direct to DVD film. Marvel’s animated features can be hit or miss but I have enjoyed them. If the trailer says anything it will be just as good as the series. Though I know something has to be cut.

Here is the trailer and enjoy: