Fresh from San Diego Comic Con, here is the teasers to Iron Man and Wolverines respective anime films.

Iron Man

Well, here is what I think. It looks amazing. I am not a big anime guy, but gosh darn it, it looks great. Somethings that is annoying though, the sterotypical Anime bad guy in Iron Man is just silly.

Does Captian Silver scare you?

Does Captian Silver scare you?

I understand you are taking liberties with the franchise and making them your own. Hell the rest of the trailer looks really bad ass compared to our previous animated Iron Man series, but could we get something less silly and more frighting.

At least the Armor looks awesome.

Total Badass.

Total Bad ass.

Wuss with a mullet.

I do look forward to the movie and from what I hear, the production company is top notch.

Now for Wolverine.

Oh boy. I do like the art style but seriously what is up with the Mullet?

What the Frick have they done to you Logan?

What the Frick have they done to you Logan?

He looks like freaking Billy Ray Cyrus. I am asking you Japan, did you really have to give him a mullet? I would’ve settled for spikey hair, but wolverine is known for his trademark hairstyle. You don’t just go in and change that.

You dont mess with the do bub.

You don't mess with the do, Bub.

There is changing for the sake of artistic style, but then there is just sacrilege. You don’t mess with the character’s iconic look. What if we Americanize one of your classic anime and change everything about it?

Oh yeah, that.

Oh yeah, that.

Alright Japan. You win the right to give Wolverine a mullet, but damn, it best be extraordinarily well done.

That is it for Marvel Anime. Join me next time for more Comic News and Reviews.