Yeah my first post was the video. Should’ve been a brief explanation of who I am and what I do. Well my info is given in the about me section but nonetheless here it is.

My name is Jordan Jennings. I created CBO productions around last winter to film comic book reviews and give the news. I had an account on youtube, but I really didn’t use it much. After my laptop’s cord gave out I had to step away from reviews. That was until I started buying comics regularly again. I started to do brief text summaries. Eventually I did long reviews on a single comic.

I did this for two weeks when I finally got my Laptop back running. So I started to work on filming reviews again for about two weeks. I wasn’t satisfied, but I kept working on them. I eventually got a couple good takes and thrown it up on Blip. It was there I decided to rename Comic Book Overkill, the original title, CBO productions. I then changed the review format I had decided on. Instead of just focusing on the new comics, I would do multiple review shows under the banner of CBO productions. One show would be New Comic Books Review (possible rename soon), but the others would vary.

The main show other the will be a series devoted to story lines. They will be in depth and explore plot points. Instead of synopsis and a general spoiler free review, I will go into detail about the comic. These videos will be long and, more likely then not, multi-parted. The parts will be spread out. The story lines that will be explored will vary. I will try to keep it to a minimum of a  year old but sometimes I wont. Just be aware of spoilers. This show will be called Adjectiveless Comic Book Reviews. The name comes from what comic book companies call their books in franchise with out a title. Like Uncanny X-men vs X-men. See no Adjective.

The other shows are explained on the about me page. The Comic Book Review: The Movie show will be the most common outside Adjectiveless and New Comics. It will spotlight the Comic book movie Genre.

Now a little disclaimer. I don’t always review bad comics. I probably will do a bad comic review show, but don’t expect it just yet. I don’t want to be called a Linkara rip off. On the subject of Linkara. I will admit he has influenced my videos, but I will not copy his style. He is more of a Angry Comic reviewer who reads the bad comics and tells why they’re bad. I am going for a more level headed view and reading mix of Good, Bad, and mediocre comics.  Also we differ in tastes. Linkara is a fan of story. He hate character deaths because they can ruin a story. I tend to favor strong Dialogue to a story. I still love a story but I can forgive a comic with a great dialogue. I also don’t mind character deaths as they can be a great story. I know for a fact we are split on a comic called Identity Crisis. I loved it for its characters and conversations, He hated it for, what I assume, Character mis-representation, character death, and end to a good story.

So me and Linkara are two different reviewers. I don’t try to copy him. I don’t want to.
I think this about covers it all. Thanks for reading, and keep checking in for more reviews and blog posts.