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Sorry in advance for the sound quality. Had to use an alternate camera when the mic for my webcam went on the fritz. Should be back to normal next week.

Reviews of the newest comics:

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In this episode I cover:  The Amazing Spider-man 600, Dark X-men: The Beginning #2, X-men Forever#4, and Dective Comics #855. I forget to get Wonder Woman at the shop. Expect a review on it next week. Also for those wondering I will review Wednesday Comics at the end of the run.


I am a major fan of Green Lantern. Just something about the characters that I enjoy. I will admit that I really didn’t get into the Corps until an episode of Justice League simply called In Blackest Night. It is the first time we really get to see the Guardians and learn the belief system behind the Green Lantern Corps. It was an amazing episode that ended with one of the greatest scenes in the whole DC animated universe.

That is the moment when I was enamored with the Green Lantern Corps. This is also the moment when I became a fan of Superheroes again and turned away the anime and manga that my friends and I were consuming- Not that there is anything wrong with it.  So when I learned not too long ago that they were making a Green Lantern animated movie, I was ecstatic. DC has probably the best animation departments in the comic industry. They produced Batman The Animated Series, Justice League, JLU, and several other shows that defined my childhood. Now the day has come for me to watch the first animated feature to focus on the Green Lantern, simply called, Green Lantern: First Flight.

Green Lantern: First Flight 2 disc special edition.

Green Lantern: First Flight 2 disc special edition.

The basic synopsis of the plot is this: Hal Jordan is given the Green Lantern power ring by a dying Alien named Abin Sur. Shortly after receiving his ring the Guardians Of The Universe sends a small group of Green Lanterns to take the Rookie Hal Jordan to Oa. There he stands before the Council as they decide if he should keep his ring. During the hearing the greatest Green Lantern, Sinestro, stands before the Guardians and vowed to train him. The Guardians allow this. Sinestro later informs Jordan of a great threat to the universe. The only weakness to the Green Lantern’s power has been stolen and the Guardians fear it will be used against them to cause anarchy and turmoil across the Universe. This movie is a story how they confront it.

The plot itself is a liberal adaptation of the origin story in which Hal Jordan gets the ring from Abin Sur. He is then met by Sinestro who trains him. During training they go to Korugar, Sinestro’s home world. There Jordan sees that Sinestro is a tyrant and oppresses his people with fear. Jordan informs the Guardians and they strip Sinestro of his power ring. Sinestro will forever bare a grudge against Jordan.

So for the most part the plot of the movie and Comic are similar but the movie omits Korugar. They still find ways to make Sinestro seem evil and just plain bad-ass. Watch the clip below to see how Sinestro functions in this movie.

Trust me when I say the next few minutes after the clip ends that Sinestro gets more brutal.

Most Green Lantern fans would probably call this a dumb move. Omitting Korugar is like omitting a key part of the Green Lanterny mythos, but I think it works better here. Instead of getting a sci-fi movie that explores humanity and the inherent evil of too much power we get a sci-fi cop movie. It has all the elements: a brash rookie, a dirty Cop, a murder investigation, a robbery, and an overbearing chief in the form of the Guardians. This makes it more enjoyable and less preachy. Which is a good thing. Not every sci-fi story has to have a message underneath it.

Now for the acting, or in this case voice acting. The voice acting in this movie is well done. Sinestro and Jordan are perfectly cast. Even the Guardians are given personalities and different voices, which I didn’t expect. You can’t find a better cast for an animated direct to DVD feature.

The only problem I did find with the movie was the animation. At times it was great and well done, and at others it was bad. The size of the Green Lantern badge changed several times and the CGI moments stuck out like a sore thumb. Still the animation for what its worth is excellent. Just those minor complaints can ruin the film for some people.

Overall Green Lantern: First Flight is a great movie and would make a nice edition to any comic or cartoon fan’s collection.

This review wouldn’t be complete without covering the special features. I bought the 2 disc special edition which comes with the following extra goodies:
Disc One:
Behind the Scene of DC’s Blackest Night
Exclusive Sneak Peak at DC Universe’s Upcoming Feature: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.
Explore 3 other DC Universe Animated Movies.

Disc Two:
Behind the Story with Geoff Johns. The New York Times Best-selling Author Writer Discusses the Mythology of the Green Lantern
Duck Dodgers series episode: The Green Loontern
Green Lantern Corps Character Profiles of Sinestro and The Guardians
2 Bruce Timm cartoons (2 episodes of Justice League Unlimited).

Now are these special features worth it? The Blackest Night behind the scenes bit is interesting as is the Geoff Johns discussion, but I believe on the comic fans will find these bits interesting. The best parts are on Disc Two with the Duck Dodgers and JLU episodes. I only wish they included the Justice League Episode Blackest Night but the JLU episodes are some of the best.

I strongly recommend buying the Two Disc edition. It give you the best bang for your buck and would satisfy any JLU fan.

Well thanks for reading this review. Join me tomorrow as I review the Week’s newest comics in New Comic Review.

I am currently working on reviews for Adjectiveless reviews but I can’t seem to find the best story to review first. I have plans to do Final Crisis soon, but have a lot of work to do before I can start filming. So here is a list of storys I am trying to choose from:

1. X-men Days of Future past
2. House Of M
3. Deadpool #1-3 aka the Secret Invasion arc
4. X-force #1-6: Angels and Demons
5. Avengers Dissasembled
6. Captain America: The Man who bought America.
7. Might Avengers #25-26: Mighty/Fantastic
8. Wolverine Dangerous Game
9. The Avengers: Free Comic Book Day

Just tell me which I should do first.

Its actually a real heavy week and I am going to stick to my 20 USD budget for comics this week. So that means some books won’t be bought till next week. At least there isn’t a new comic book movie coming out next week so I can spring for more comics.

So this week’s pull list:

Starting with DC comics:
Detective Comics #855
This acid trip cover is brought to you by DC comic

This acid trip cover is brought to you by DC comic

I love the first issue of this arc and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Next is,
Wonder Woman #34

Wonder Woman brought a stick and the others have chains and pry bars. Nice plan there WW

Wonder Woman brought a stick and the others have chains and pry bars. Nice plan there WW

This will be the first Wonder Woman comic I have ever bought or read. After hearing that the book is pretty good, I figure I will give it a shot. I hope it lives up to the expectation.

That wraps up DC this week, now to Marvel:
Dark X-men The Beginning #2

Yeah read the caption on the cover.

Yeah read the caption on the cover.

I wasn’t too big on the first issue, but I am going to give this a shot. The main reason for that is that this is an anthology type comic that can be hit or miss. I hope for a few more hits.

Next up,

X-men Forever #4

Angry Kitty Pryde is Angry

Angry Kitty Pryde is Angry

I couldn’t find the actual true cover to this comic. So I settled for the solicitation cover. After last issue’s meltdown of reason I pray that this issue will explain the mess. The big reveal at the end of #3 was a twist I didn’t see coming and right now doesn’t make sense, but I believe in Chris Claremont. I believe he will right the ship. He has too.

and hopefully I will get this:
Amazing Spider Man #600

I choose the awesome Ross cover

I choose the awesome Ross cover

I know this book came out last week, but due to a shipping snafu I had to wait till this week. Hopefully it comes in this week. If it doesn’t I will probably pick something random up.

Expect review of each of these comics come Thursday or Friday. If you have any suggestions for the pull list leave a comment below.

Fresh from San Diego Comic Con, here is the teasers to Iron Man and Wolverines respective anime films.

Iron Man

Well, here is what I think. It looks amazing. I am not a big anime guy, but gosh darn it, it looks great. Somethings that is annoying though, the sterotypical Anime bad guy in Iron Man is just silly.

Does Captian Silver scare you?

Does Captian Silver scare you?

I understand you are taking liberties with the franchise and making them your own. Hell the rest of the trailer looks really bad ass compared to our previous animated Iron Man series, but could we get something less silly and more frighting.

At least the Armor looks awesome.

Total Badass.

Total Bad ass.

Wuss with a mullet.

I do look forward to the movie and from what I hear, the production company is top notch.

Now for Wolverine.

Oh boy. I do like the art style but seriously what is up with the Mullet?

What the Frick have they done to you Logan?

What the Frick have they done to you Logan?

He looks like freaking Billy Ray Cyrus. I am asking you Japan, did you really have to give him a mullet? I would’ve settled for spikey hair, but wolverine is known for his trademark hairstyle. You don’t just go in and change that.

You dont mess with the do bub.

You don't mess with the do, Bub.

There is changing for the sake of artistic style, but then there is just sacrilege. You don’t mess with the character’s iconic look. What if we Americanize one of your classic anime and change everything about it?

Oh yeah, that.

Oh yeah, that.

Alright Japan. You win the right to give Wolverine a mullet, but damn, it best be extraordinarily well done.

That is it for Marvel Anime. Join me next time for more Comic News and Reviews.

I have a deep love for the Planet Hulk storyline. It is the best Hulk series in a long time and set really high expectations for the Hulk books. Which is why Jeff Loeb’s Hulk and Pak’s World War Hulk is and was, respectively, a disapointment. Planet Hulk gave Hulk a deeper character and moved him past “HULK SMASH” and to the character actually having real dialogue. I have a place in my heart for simple Hulk smash comics but I love Planet Hulk for its depth. Now it has been announced that Marvel is steping up its animated division and releasing a Planet Hulk animated direct to DVD film. Marvel’s animated features can be hit or miss but I have enjoyed them. If the trailer says anything it will be just as good as the series. Though I know something has to be cut.

Here is the trailer and enjoy:

Yeah my first post was the video. Should’ve been a brief explanation of who I am and what I do. Well my info is given in the about me section but nonetheless here it is.

My name is Jordan Jennings. I created CBO productions around last winter to film comic book reviews and give the news. I had an account on youtube, but I really didn’t use it much. After my laptop’s cord gave out I had to step away from reviews. That was until I started buying comics regularly again. I started to do brief text summaries. Eventually I did long reviews on a single comic.

I did this for two weeks when I finally got my Laptop back running. So I started to work on filming reviews again for about two weeks. I wasn’t satisfied, but I kept working on them. I eventually got a couple good takes and thrown it up on Blip. It was there I decided to rename Comic Book Overkill, the original title, CBO productions. I then changed the review format I had decided on. Instead of just focusing on the new comics, I would do multiple review shows under the banner of CBO productions. One show would be New Comic Books Review (possible rename soon), but the others would vary.

The main show other the will be a series devoted to story lines. They will be in depth and explore plot points. Instead of synopsis and a general spoiler free review, I will go into detail about the comic. These videos will be long and, more likely then not, multi-parted. The parts will be spread out. The story lines that will be explored will vary. I will try to keep it to a minimum of a  year old but sometimes I wont. Just be aware of spoilers. This show will be called Adjectiveless Comic Book Reviews. The name comes from what comic book companies call their books in franchise with out a title. Like Uncanny X-men vs X-men. See no Adjective.

The other shows are explained on the about me page. The Comic Book Review: The Movie show will be the most common outside Adjectiveless and New Comics. It will spotlight the Comic book movie Genre.

Now a little disclaimer. I don’t always review bad comics. I probably will do a bad comic review show, but don’t expect it just yet. I don’t want to be called a Linkara rip off. On the subject of Linkara. I will admit he has influenced my videos, but I will not copy his style. He is more of a Angry Comic reviewer who reads the bad comics and tells why they’re bad. I am going for a more level headed view and reading mix of Good, Bad, and mediocre comics.  Also we differ in tastes. Linkara is a fan of story. He hate character deaths because they can ruin a story. I tend to favor strong Dialogue to a story. I still love a story but I can forgive a comic with a great dialogue. I also don’t mind character deaths as they can be a great story. I know for a fact we are split on a comic called Identity Crisis. I loved it for its characters and conversations, He hated it for, what I assume, Character mis-representation, character death, and end to a good story.

So me and Linkara are two different reviewers. I don’t try to copy him. I don’t want to.
I think this about covers it all. Thanks for reading, and keep checking in for more reviews and blog posts.

This is the show that reviews the newest comic releases.

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This week I only bought 1 new comic book, mainly due to a light week for me.
The comics this week:
Green Lantern #44 (Blackest Night)

As a bonus, I decided to add a review of the Watchmen Director’s Cut.  I will post my text review of the theatrical release later.

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