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Here it is folks after weeks of waiting here is the review of Cap Wolf. Spawn #1 review later this week along with Xombi #1









I have been ill this past month and have been unable to muster the strength to put together a string of words and form a decent review. I apologize for this. XHE vol. 2’s first review is nearly finished but I haven’t started anything beyond that. I had a whole month of September planned but I am going to be unable to finish what I had plan. I’ll just be moving them to a later date.

The reason I am saying this is tentatively scheduled is because I just don’t know what my condition will be later this week. I am having a procedure done later this week  that should give me some answers. I have talked about it on Twitter some, I haven’t done it yet on my own site. I wanted to provide all my readers an update on the situation.

Expect these following  XHE vol. 2 articles

Week of 9/22-Youngblood #1
Week of 9/29- JLA #1-4, a story arc review

I have a set of Halloween themed reviews ready for October. I need to schedule them first, though. Also I am planning a movie review of Spawn with my fellow Comic Book Revolutionaries Andrenn and Brandon. More on that as the date draws closer.

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